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Have real meaningful reciprocal friendships/relationships?

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Consider what most states Core curriculum standards are-

Mission: 21st-century life and career skills enable students to make informed decisions that prepare them to engage as active citizens in a dynamic global society and to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st-century global workplace.

 Vision: The systematic integration of 21st-century life and career skills across the K-12 curriculum and in career and technical education programs fosters a population that: Applies critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make reasoned decisions at home, in the workplace, and in the global community.

Uses effective communication, communication technology, and collaboration skills to interact with cultural sensitivity in diverse communities and to work in cross-cultural teams in the multinational workplace. Is financially literate and financially responsible at home and in the broader community.

Demonstrates creative and entrepreneurial thinking by recognizing and acting on promising opportunities while accepting responsibility for possible risks.

Is knowledgeable about careers and can plan, execute, and alter career goals in response to changing societal and economic conditions.

Produces community, business, and political leaders who demonstrate core ethical values, including the values of democracy and free enterprise, during interactions with the global community.

Relationship Development Intervention is a crucial part of any successful school curriculum to meet the needs of any district.  This theory of mind curriculum is not only clinically proven effective for children on the spectrum, but it is also the most cost effective approach to treatment options for children with Autism,  My child's school district saved 300,00.00 by using RDI as my sons cognitive behavioral treatment and I estimate the total savings to my district because of RDI to be upwards to the amount of 800,000.00 over my sons lifetime education..