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Comparison between RDI ( developmental) and ABA ( behaviorial)

Research on theory of mind deficits in Autism

Recommended Reading

The RDI Book by Steven Gutstein, PhD

For more information on RDI please visit

Learning as we Grow Nicole Beurkens, M.Ed., Neurodevelopmental Disorders Consultant

Erin Roon, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist

Courtney Kowalczyk, M.Ed., Certified Teacher

The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are
Author: Daniel Siegel

Developing Through Relationships: Origins of Communication, Self and Culture
Author: Alan Fogel

Cradle of Thought
Author: Peter Hobson

Apprenticeship in Thinking: Cognitive Development in Social Context
Author: Barbara Rogoff

Awakening Children's Minds: How Parents and Teachers Can Make a Difference
Author: Laura E. Berk

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