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Has your child just been Diagnosed?  Have you been trying to sort your way through the many intervention options?  Maybe your child is older and you have done many of those options...and yet, like me, you know there is something missing.  Do you find yourself a year or two into therapies and while you saw skills improving at first, those skills have stalled or are instrumental in nature( needs only).

I can relate because I have felt all of the above!   WHat I found helpful is to really examine what I wanted for my children.  I wanted them to succeed...but what is success?   What is success to you?

I knew I had to look at different areas to really grasp my goals for my children.  I wanted my boys to marry if they chose too.  What is needed to have that ability for a marriage relationship?  I wanted my children to have a successful job that they enjoyed and could support a family.  What is needed for that goal?  With both these goals I knew that merely teaching my children scripted skills would not be enough to foster their development of theory of mind.  This theory of mind is crucial in regulating reciprocal relationships ( friendships, marriage) and is crucial in the job market ( problem solving, being a team player, critical thinking for the big picture).  In order to develop theory of mind, the mind must understand that OTHERS have thoughts and that answers to cues lie within communication and social understanding.  There are programs that try and Teach this as a skill, but without foundational milestones set..this teaching is on a weak foundation.  Regression as the child ages into the teen years is common when milestones are not built on a strong developmental foundation. 

We know our kids are while I knew academics was important,  I also knew academics would not make up for the social understanding and theory of mind that my sons needed!!

What is success to you?  I would love to know your story.  I know RDI can help!