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Remediation is the process of addressing an impairment so that it is no longer an obstacle.  In the case for Autism, one of the crucial impairments is theory of mind/Dynamic intelligence. See a chart comparison here-

 Our children are incredibly smart but struggle with the social and emotional foundations which help them have a strong footing in relationships.  Helping our kids with dynamic intelligence is the foundation for them understanding their social world and is basic to being an individual able to fully function in a complex environment.

The Guided Reflection Start up Program

6 months of the complete Relationship development program in the  comfort of your own home  through consultations, emails,  video tapes,  and access to the online learning system. This is the highest level of support for your family.    In the next 6 months you will specifically help your child-

~Understand to trust you as his/her guide in all your activities….ensuring that the experience will not overwhelm him.  This revolutionary process has the emphasis on emotional bonding and is rooting in Relationship comprehension.  This remediates social obstacles at the very core… addressing the true root of confusion for your child when it comes to control.

~ Rebuild their  Dynamic Intelligence ( joint attention, perspective taking, fuzzy logic)  This assists your child to understand that each person sees something with their own eyes, thoughts and ideas and that at the core of relationships is this blending  of mindfulness

~Be flexible and regulate in the back and forth of shared emotions

~Develop meaningful eye contact /gaze, motivated by true experience sharing as your child will learn how to borrow your perspective.

~Be less anxious and more competent in their surroundings as the mutual feedback between you and your child increases

~ Increase motivation to engage with you and less inclined to fall back on self stimulatory behavior as a means to escape or regulate their emotions.  Your child will find your interactions MORE rewarding then their *stim*

~ Foster all channels of communication, non verbal ( Prosody, intonation, gestures)  not just talking.  Developmentally, typical children are excellent communicators even before they can talk,  which is the last channel to develop.  Your child will learn that true communication is not just words.


Would love to hear from you to help you begin your child’s remediation!

Kathy Darrow RDI Parent and RDI Certified Consultant


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